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Cashing in on in-store ATMs


Convenience store operator John Perrett is a fully signed-up member of the cash machine appreciation society – and not just because he reckons that at least £1 of every £10 withdrawn comes straight back into his tills. [divider] The NoteMachine customer runs a chain of 13 Spar shops through his Hunnyhill Stores Group; these are spread throughout the Isle of Wight and the cash dispensers are a mix of fully-managed, through-the-wall and merchant replenished devices. He is in no doubt about the benefits of having a cash machine – and it is not just about the additional spending he gets. “We have to provide a good service to our customers and one way of doing this is by having NoteMachine cash facilities at our stores. The Isle of Wight is very rural in parts and it can be many miles from where people live to their nearest bank branch, so providing this service helps build up goodwill,” said John. “The island has a permanent population of 150,000 people but that figure doubles during the busy summer months – and tourists and holidaymakers need cash too. “Having a cash machine at the store certainly increases footfall and the chance of those customers spending in our shop,” added John, whose policy is not to charge for cash withdrawals because he believes customers resent having to pay to get their money out. “On average about £1 in every ten comes back into our shops so having a cash machine also has a positive impact on our sales and any additional running costs are wiped out by the extra income we gain.” The stores are open every day between 6.30am and 10pm. At the busiest ones, NoteMachine carries out the replenishment regularly and ensures that the machines are never without cash. “NoteMachine has always provided good service,” he added. “They work hard to keep my machines full of cash and particularly so in the busy summer months.”

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Retailer banks on NoteMachine


One of the leading Spar convenience store operators in the north-west of England is cashing in after moving its entire cash machine service to NoteMachine. [divider] The number of transactions now going through the 29 stores that Preston-based Spar operator Lawrence Hunt & Co runs has risen significantly since it completed the installation of the new terminals. The decision to switch ATM supplier follows an in-depth evaluation of a number of different suppliers, including NoteMachine, the UK’s largest supplier of cash machines to the retail and leisure sectors. Lawrence Hunt Finance Director Francis Chaney said: “We have now been supplied with ATMs by NoteMachine for six months. During this time we have seen increases in our transaction levels where ATMs from other suppliers have been replaced. “We have also seen quickly growing, significant transaction levels where completely new installations have taken place. “From day one we have been extremely happy with the level of service we have received from both the customer service centre team and our account manager – nothing has ever been too much trouble, installation problems have been practically and quickly solved and the company always does precisely what it says it will do. “This has not been the case with all other ATM providers and is an extremely refreshing change.” NoteMachine Chief Operations Officer Nigel Constable said: “We are delighted that our ATMs have not only passed a stringent evaluation but are also now contributing to the success of the stores.”

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Growth leads to new centre


NoteMachine, the UK’s largest supplier of cash machines to the retail and leisure sectors, has opened a new cash centre in North London to serve its growing base. [divider] The unveiling of the new operation follows a period of rapid expansion for the Wales-headquartered business led by former Lloyds TSB board director Peter McNamara. This latest centre represents a six-figure investment for NoteMachine, which became the UK market leader in ATMs after acquiring 1,200 remote machines from a leading high street bank earlier this year. It now owns and operates more than 7,000 cash machines across the UK and in Germany. Chief Operating Officer Nigel Constable said the new facility would enhance the service provided to customers, particularly in London and the East of England. He said: “Running out of money in the cash machine is every retailer’s worst nightmare. By having a strategically located cash centre in the London area and to the east of London, it enables us to continue to deliver higher levels of business continuity for our customers and their customers too. “The move also gives NoteMachine additional cash centre capacity as it expands,” he added. Customer service is still located at NoteMachine’s central 24-hour call centre in Crickhowell, Powys.

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Aquisition of 1200 ATM’s


15 September 2011…NoteMachine, the UK’s specialist cash machine provider, has become the UK’s largest ATM business after it acquired 1,200 remote machines from a leading high street bank. As a result, NoteMachine now owns a total of over 7,000 cash machines across the UK and in Germany. Peter McNamara, NoteMachine’s Executive Chairman said: “This is a great achievement for us as we set out five years ago on a journey to create a specialist end to end ATM service provider. The acquisition of this remote ATM estate cements our position as the UK’s number one cash machine business.” Peter continued: “The acquisition also proves our capability in managing and maintaining large financial ATM networks. “Banks are now looking more closely at their cash machine estates and considering how best to operate them. Additionally, they are also looking to outsource or sell their cash machines to specialists as they review their non-core banking activities and assess the most cost effective way of managing them.” Combined with this acquisition Note Machine is also experiencing significant organic growth by providing independent stores and large retail shops with cash machines – with the business delivering up to 70 new machines every month. Peter outlined: “With 65 per cent of all consumer payments being made in cash – the ATM market is in a strong position to go from strength to strength. “As retailers look to increase footfall and banks assess their non-core business activities NoteMachine is uniquely positioned to offer a specialist end to end cash machine service which can deliver a significant boost to retail revenue and provide a cost effective solution to high street banks.” NoteMachine provides a one stop shop which includes everything from installing, monitoring and servicing cash machines, having a dedicated 24/7 customer service centre and help desk, engineering and maintenance support, and providing cash using their own ‘Cash in Transit’ business. Peter concluded: “Installing and maintaining cash machines is all we do and because of this we can ensure cash gets into the customers’ pockets as quickly as possible.”

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Free cash milestone achieved


Free cash milestone achieved More ATM consumers can withdraw their cash for free after the UK’s largest supplier of cash machines to the retail and leisure sectors crossed off another significant milestone. NoteMachine has now passed the 1,500 free-to-use ATM mark across the UK, meaning that more people can obtain their money from machines that it services and operates without paying an additional fee for the privilege of doing so. This is regardless of the bank they use. Executive Chairman Peter McNamara says the growing number of free-to-use cash machines is a bonus not just for those withdrawing their cash but can also be a positive help for many of the shop and store owners who operate them. “There is evidence that people who take cash from an ATM do understand the need for cash machine withdrawal charges, especially in more remote areas, but they are less sympathetic within busy town centres,” he said. “If people resent having to pay the charge in the first place, they are less likely to want to part with some of that cash in your store.” NoteMachine became the UK market leader in ATMs after acquiring 1,200 remote machines from a leading high street bank earlier this year. It now owns and operates more than 7,000 cash machines across the UK and in Germany. According to the industry body UK Payments Administration Ltd, 70% of all cash withdrawn in the UK comes out of a cash machine, with that figure expected to hit nearly 80% by the end of the decade.

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